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The Jet Makers

The Aerospace Industry from 1945 to 1972

• Title
• Introduction
• Preface
• Acknowledgements

• I: World War II: Aviation Comes of Age
• II: The Aerospace Industry since World War II: A Brief History
• III: The National Military Strategy: Background for the Government Markets
• IV: The Principal Government Market: The United States Air Force
• V: The Other Government Markets: The Aerospace Navy, the Air Army, and NASA
• VI: Fashions in Government Procurement
• VII: The Heartbreak Market: Airliners
• VIII: Design or Die: The Supreme Technological Industry
• IX: Production: The Payoff
• X: Diversification: The Hedge for Survival
• XI: Costs: Into the Stratosphere
• XII: Finance and Management
• XIII: Entry into the Aerospace Industry
• XIV: Exit from the Aerospace Industry
• XV: The Influence of the Jet Engine on the Industry

• Notes
• Acronyms
• Annotated Bibliography


The generous guidance and encouragement of Professor Robin Higham was vital for writing this book. I am most grateful for his insights and efforts. Additional help was given by Professor E. J. Laughlin.

Important information was provided at some effort to themselves by The Boeing Company, General Dynamics Corporation, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, and Trans World Airlines. Other contributors were Fairchild Industries, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Martin Marietta Corporation, Northrop Corporation, and Rockwell International Corporation. Special help with photographs was given with enthusiasm by Bill Whisler, a design engineer with Boeing.

My clumsy style was improved greatly by Abigail Siddall. Much of the clerical labor was done by my wife, Heidi, whose contributions include patience, encouragement, and criticism.

Any errors are my responsibility alone.